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Meet our Featured Sales Rep, Melvin Ayers

Date: 10/04/19

What is your title: Sales Representative

How long have you worked for Centene: 5

Hobbies and activities: My hobbies include: motorcycling, teaching introduction to motorcycle riding, track days and pick-up basketball.

What makes a successful Ambetter agent? An agent that knows their market, is passionate about helping their clients, reinvests into their business and has an unquenchable drive to succeed.

What do you enjoy most about the ACA, your job, Centene, etc.? Helping brokers! In the pursuit to deliver quality customer service for members, broker support can get lost in the shuffle with most carriers.

Cultivating relationships with brokers by providing excellent broker support service is what I enjoy most about my position. I know I've done my job well as a sales representative when I meet an agent in the field for the first time and that agent is excited to talk about Ambetter because of the level of support that agent received from the broker support team throughout open and special enrollment periods.

What makes your Featured Broker a great Ambetter partner? I have had the pleasure of working with Meesook for the past 3 open enrollments. One thing I've learned about Meesook is that she is passionate about helping others, and understands the value of working with an insurance company that she and her insurance members can trust.